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Galaxy Pressure Washing Inc. Specialize in ALL Types Exterior Pressure Washing Services

Building Pressure Washing Power Wash House Concert Parking Lots Pressure Wash Drive Thurs Best Price & Service


Galaxy Pressure Washing Inc. has fully Trained and Skilled Technicians we have Specialized in all Types Exterior Commercial & Residential Properties for More Than 10 Years. Using Only The Most Up To Date Techniques Equipment We Offer The Best Price & Service Galaxy Pressure Washing Inc. is dedicated to Provide Customers with Top Quality Work We Offer a variety of Professional Pressure Washing Cleaning Service Local in Charlotte, NC Greensboro, NC Residential Houses Soft Low Decks Roofs Gutters Patio Driveways Sidewalks Pressure House Washing House Vinyl Siding Brick Decks Pressure Washer Commercial Gas Stations Shopping Centers Buildings Parking Lots  Sign Cleaning Concert and much more.


 Galaxy Pressure Washing Inc. Providing The Highest Quality Pressure Washing Service To Commercial & Residential
Customers Throughout The Charlotte, NC & Surrounding Areas